We Love Freezie!

Innkeeper Valerie and Freezie – in their younger years

Valerie, our now 13-year-old Assistant Innkeeper, is typically the person giving the welcome tour at Blessings on State Bed & Breakfast. While we’ve typically already offered the opportunity for dinner recommendations and reservations during guest check-in, Valerie is most likely to make dessert recommendations. Or snack recommendations. Or both. She loves the Frozen Penguin, our local yogurt shop. (We all enjoy the Penguin – Valerie LOVES the Penguin.) When she was younger, she had her birthday parties there, complete with Freezie, their mascot.

When you live in a small town, or a medium sized town that thinks it’s a small town, you get to know the local businesses and their owners. Randy and Becky, the owners of the Frozen Penguin have stayed with us at Blessings on State more than once. We’ve gotten to know them both as business colleagues and as friends. We join Valerie in encouraging you to schedule a visit to the Frozen Penguin the next time you stay with us.

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