Un-Decking the Halls


I don’t know about you all, but I’m still celebrating Christmas here at Blessings on State. I’m still celebrating the Savior’s birth. The nativities still show Mary and Joseph with the Christ child. The trees are still up and the stockings are still hung. I’m still listening to Christmas music. I’m even still enjoying some remaining Christmas cookies!

I’ll have to give in at some point. The cookies are almost gone and it will soon be time for the decorations to come down. I’m amazed at those who take all their decorations down the day after Christmas. Their homes are cleaned and totally back in pre-Christmas order by the end of the year! Our home is clean, but I can’t think of taking down the Christmas décor until at least the first or second week of January.

This was our fifth Christmas in Jacksonville, our fifth Christmas in this vintage mansion we now call home. I’m very thankful for the opportunity the Lord has given us to live here and operate our Bed & Breakfast. Those who know me well know that it was the desire of my heart, and I’m thankful every day. I love this big old house and I love our large yard and I love our town. I’m also a big fan of snow and flocked trees and icicles. I think we need at least one heavy snow each winter, preferably more than one. We did not have snow for Christmas, so I’ll leave the  white lights on the gazebo and the pine roping up for a few weeks in hopes that I’ll be able to see it all trimmed in snow. It’s so beautiful here on a still, snowy night in the Midwest!

In the meantime, it’s not a quick job, un-decking these halls. We have six full-sized trees to take down and ladders are required for most of them. My organizational plan involves storing ornaments by type and color: bright red and lime green, the cupcakes and cotton candy child’s tree, gold and crystal for the front parlor, the Victorian tree, etc. My theory is that I’ll fill one box at a time. No dragging down every box for me – it’s too overwhelming! I’ll just do a little bit each day.

Maybe I’ll start…


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