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red and green snow globe shaped sugar cookies

Secret Family Recipe Sugar Cookie Snow Globes

Are you ready for some Christmas cookie baking fun? Our teenage innkeeper Casey and I had a lot of fun making Sugar Cookie Snow Globes this year. Bring out your favorite secret family recipe for sugar cookies and let’s make three-dimensional snow globes! I’m serious… where is your family’s secret sugar cookie recipe? You didn’t think I was sharing mine, did you?! Whose recipe do you remember from your childhood? Now is the perfect time to ask for your copy if you don’t already have it.

My favorite secret family recipe is from my childhood… and my neighbor family! As I recall, Sharon, the mom, was a home ec major in college. She was a good cook, and her sugar cookies are my all-time favorite. If you don’t have your own secret family recipe, please use mine. Or, ummm… Sharon’s. A great sugar cookie recipe is a solid foundation for beautiful Snow Globe Cookies!

red and white snow globe shaped sugar cookies

Here are the Tools You’ll Need:

  • Prepared (and chilled) cookie dough
  • Cookie cutters – I have a snow globe cookie cutter, but if you aren’t that specialized, just use biscuit cutters and free hand the base.
  • Parchment lined cookie sheets
  • Non-stick baking mat, if you have one. (Parchment paper should work, if not.) Silpats were one of my favorite Christmas presents one year. Love them!
  • Your favorite royal icing – this icing typically contains meringue powder to help it harden and stay pretty
  • Isomalt – this is the big one! It’s like magic! It hardens to look like clear glass inside the globe.
  • Assorted Sprinkles

Preparation Tips

INSIDER TIP: Before your begin, you may want to watch the video of the afternoon when Casey and I made Snow Globe Cookies. It’s posted below.

  • Lightly flour your work surface and roll dough to 1/4-inch thick.
  • Cut snow globe shapes with floured cookie/biscuit cutter; cutting out center circles with a slightly smaller size. CASEY’S INSIDER TIP: Cut inner circles once cookies are on the baking sheet.*
  • Line your baking sheet with parchment and carefully place cookies 2 inches apart on parchment paper-lined cookie sheets. *See CASEY’S TIP above.
  • Bake cookies according to recipe directions until firm, about 10 minutes. Let stand for 2 minutes before removing to wire racks to cool.
  • Place cooled cookies face-down on Silpat mat covered cookie sheet.
  • Place Isomalt in a microwave safe bowl and microwave at 20-second intervals until melted and bubbly. INSIDER TIP: Be prepared to move FAST! Extra hands are helpful.
  • Pour a thin layer of Isomalt into the center cut-out portion of cookies, tilting cookie sheet to distribute evenly and reheating Isomalt as needed.
  • Decorate cookies with icing and let them dry completely.
  • Place one cookie face down on parchment-lined cookie sheet and pour sprinkles over the hardened Isomalt, then pipe additional icing around the center and the edges. Top with a second cookie to seal the sprinkles inside. INSIDER TIP: If you’re worried they’re not sealed tightly enough, you may want to pipe a thin line of icing around each cookie to seal.
  • Let your cookies dry completely before serving.

INSIDER TIP: These Snow Globe Cookies are almost too pretty to eat! They’d make a great hand-made gift to present along with a Blessings on State Bed & Breakfast mug from Deneen Pottery!

Thanks to Joanie & Jenni B., Casey and I have these terrific photos AND a video of the fun we had making snow globe cookies. Take a look!

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