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Front exterior view of the property painted blue and white with dark shutters, wrap around porch, American flag, and surrounded by green trees

New Website: Easy to Look Easy to Book Your Upcoming Stay

One Giant Step for… Blessings on State Bed & Breakfast

We are stepping up our game at Jacksonville’s only luxury lodging accommodations. Today, we’re announcing ONE BIG WAY we’ve stepped up our marketing game this summer. Guest satisfaction is our highest priority. When guests search for Blessings on State Bed & Breakfast or luxury lodging in Jacksonville, Illinois, we offer an up-to-date website that truly tells our story. We have recently revised our entire web site, enhancing our appearance and building our marketing capacity. Equating it to maintaining a home, this time we updated the plumbing, replaced the roof, painted the whole exterior, washed the windows, AND put up all the shutters! We developed a web site that invites our guests to get to know our inn, our innkeeping family and our community. We make it easy to look, easy to book, and easy to get a preview of an exceptional stay!

young man serving breakfast to woman at round dining table

I told one of our recent guests that we’re stepping up our game, and she said, “How??” “Why??” She did not note any room for improvement! Improvements are often accomplished behind the scenes, and it makes my heart happy that she doesn’t think we need to do anything differently. However, this year we recognized the need to refresh and revise our website. (That’s “what I did on my summer vacation”! Remember those school essays?) Redoing our website is like maintaining our vintage inn. She’s a grand old lady, but we need to change out her makeup every now and then to make her look great and function well. We are committed to guest satisfaction on every level, including in the use of our web site. We have an excellent reputation, and we want to build on it.

It’s Easy to Look

We know our guests don’t have time to spend searching page after page to see which suite has a king bed, whether we have private baths, or if we serve breakfast. Our new website shows everything you need to know on the home page. We give you the overview and you’ll find links to check out the finer details. Like to see what you’re getting? We show you! Each page has pictures that visually help share the Blessings on State experience. Prices are listed and packages and specials are linked so that you may easily upgrade your stay. Quickly find the information you need or spend some time viewing different pages and dreaming of the memories you’ll make here!

It’s Easy to Book

Did you know that we consider our booking methods when we look for ways to improve our guest satisfaction? When you go to Blessings on State .com you’ll find an easy to navigate way to make your reservation directly with our luxury inn. You won’t need to wade through other listings to find all the information you need and you’ll see everything we have to offer instead of a brief summary allowed by OTA’s we pay fees to use.  woman in fluffy white robe with white Turkish Towel on her head sitting in a side chair with a mug of coffee

As in the past, our new website pages are linked directly to our reservation system. Want to check dates? One button takes you to the page showing our availability. What if your dates are already taken? Our new reservation system will offer you a way to view all the dates that are currently open.  Want to know the “rules” before you book? We don’t have many rules, but our cancellation, pet, and smoking policies are clearly listed on our website. Take a look at the specials and packages we offer, too. You may find something (like a luxury massage!) that will take your Blessings on State Bed & Breakfast experience over the top!

5 Steps to a New & Improved Blessings on State Bed & Breakfast (Website!)

1) We switched to Acorn, a web developer that is well respected for knowledge and expertise in web development for the hospitality industry. The owners/founders are experienced innkeepers who are using their software industry knowledge and skill along with their hospitality experience and passion to market and advocate for our industry. You can count on our website to be accessible, effective, and secure. I can’t keep up with all the challenges, and I sure appreciate that that do!

2) We started with a thorough review of our existing website – and its many pages – paring down to a more reasonable number. There were no limits to adding pages with the last company. Why not do it? (For the record, now I know the answer!) Our new website with fewer pages shows many ways our guests may experience all we have to offer, from our casually elegant décor, to upscale amenities to luxurious en suite massages.

3) I’ve taken online classes this summer and I’m building our “brand.” We have a brand! Who knew? I’m working hard to really tie in our pictures, our social media posts and our web site to develop a recognizable Blessings on State Bed & Breakfast brand. How am I doing?

4) I committed to focusing on one photographer to help establish a feel / ambiance for our brand. Get it?? Focus on the photographer?? Justin Hurley Photography became known to me when Justin demonstrated his character around a maternity photo shoot that he was planning to do here at no charge. (I said he could just take a couple of pictures of the B&B for me and I’d be happy.) When he showed up alone – possibly she was HAVING A BABY! – I was impressed. He had committed to provide those pictures for me, and I got them! And they were good. And he’s been back several times, in several seasons, and even his young daughter / apprentice is now taking some of our photographs. We have hosted a couple of recent “pretty people photo shoots” and although it’s a lot of work, it’s also a lot of fun! Our pictures clearly tell our story. We know that’s important to you.

5) I committed to the work. I’ve reviewed notes I’ve taken during workshops and other training. I’ve reviewed my old website pages. I’ve checked out other web sites. I’ve participated in the many steps required to launch an Acorn web site. And… we did it! Now I’ll learn how to update and maintain it.

What I Did This Summer: New Website

We really are stepping up our game with our new website! It has taken much of the summer, with many people involved, and I’m excited for you to see it. Right now! Do it! Take a look around and tell me what you think! We believe it does a good job telling our story, and we’re excited to hear your response.

Exterior view of property's wooden front door and side of front porch

We have so much to offer at Blessings on State Bed & Breakfast and guest satisfaction is high on the list. Check out our reviews on TripAdvisor, Facebook and Google to see how we’re doing. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to catch guest comments. Our hard work on the new website is just another way we show our commitment to maintaining a high level of guest satisfaction. Come see us!

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