Moon Pies and Sun Chips: Total Solar Eclipse

Eclipse snacks including sun chips, Eclipse gum, Moon pies and red bag on a dining room table in front of the fireplace

Total Solar Eclipse. Did you hear them talking about it? We sure did! “The line of totality… The last time there was a total eclipse… The next time there will be an eclipse…”

Have you ever experienced a total eclipse? I certainly remember holding up cereal boxes to view the eclipse as an elementary school student. Although many made one for old times sake, this time I just held up my iPhone, looking back over my shoulder.

Jacksonville was in the 97% range. After all I’d heard, I expected it to be nearly dark. Kelly joined me on the back deck and we could tell that it was darker than usual in neighbor Dave’s yard, and behind George’s house, but Kelly and I felt like we were sitting in the sun the whole time. Val had a great time viewing the eclipse with the other students at Illinois School for the Deaf. They viewed it through the NASA approved glasses, through a colander, and through boxes. It was a very exciting time for many, with many people traveling miles and miles to get inside the line of totality.

We had some fun eclipse travelers! Before we sent them on their way, we handed each a gift bag with special solar eclipse treats, including Moon Pies and Sun Chips, Capri Sun juice drinks and Eclipse gum. (Glenn says I’ll do anything to incorporate a “theme” so that people will remember us!)

Lloyd and Kim arrived first. They’re from Chicagoland. They departed Sunday for a hotel in Carbondale, expensive, but booked well in advance. (It’s my understanding that one hotel in Mt. Vernon announced the availability of three rooms on Sunday night… at more than $1400/night!) Lloyd and Kim stayed here again on their return home. It was great hearing about their experience in their box seats at Saluki Stadium. Besides food and beverage and air conditioning, which Lloyd was very thankful for, they were the most thankful that the cloud cover cleared just in time for them to have a great view of the total eclipse. They also enjoyed listening to all the NASA presentations and seeing everything that was happening on the field. It was so much fun hearing them as they shared their excitement.

When they came back through, they were joined by Patrick, a young “caver” who spent the night in a cave near Perryville, Missouri and had a perfect view of the total eclipse on Monday. His experience was different in many ways, but he definitely shared the excitement of seeing the total eclipse.

Jeff and Barb drove down from Milwaukee. They stayed Sunday night, eclipse destination: Jerseyville, Illinois. Jerseyville wasn’t in the range of totality but it was closer to it than Jacksonville. They purchased tickets to join a local group for a sack lunch as they viewed the eclipse.

Many people traveled many miles to view this rare event. All in all, our Eclipse Guests were very different, but they all shared the excitement of celebrating such a grand event. The eclipse is a reminder to me of God’s creation. Psalm 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows his handiwork.


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