Ferris Wheels and Fireflies

Our Bed & Breakfast is located in Jacksonville, Illinois, just outside Springfield, the State Capitol. I often say that we live in a “small town,” although with approximately 20,000 residents, it hardly qualifies. Yet, even through we have a lot of friends and neighbors, many businesses, the arts, colleges, and events activities, Jacksonville still remains that “city with a small town feel.” Jacksonville is the kind of town where you can have breakfast on the front porch, waving as your neighbors pass by, work all day, go out to dinner and a movie, and finish your day on the back porch viewing the stars and watching the fireflies light up the night. You can be as busy or as relaxed as you’d like to be.

There’s always something to do here in this small town! Head down to the corner of Main and Morton for a Rotary Club Ferris Wheel ride on a summer Sunday afternoon. Thanks to our local Eli Bridge Company, these big wheels have been manufactured here for more than 100 years. Take a day to go fishing at Lake Jacksonville, one of the highest ranked bass fishing lakes in the state. Need a little more action? Head out to Jacksonville Speedway! Like baseball? The CABA World Series has been played at our Lenz Field. And, our “small” town offers the opportunity to watch two college football teams play on Saturdays each fall.

This small town offers a big history. We have several homes that have been identified as stops on the Underground Railroad. Woodlawn Farm, open for summer tours, was also an early agricultural center. The only remaining Governor’s Mansion outside the state capitol is located just down the block from our Bed & Breakfast. We have many “Old House Neighborhoods” in this small town, with examples of fine architecture, from Victorian to Prairie Craftsman. The JACVB offers three distinct Historic Home Walking Tours. One goes right through our neighborhood! Take a leisurely drive through town, listening to the Abraham Lincoln Voices of Jacksonville narrative as you discover more about Lincoln’s early relationship with our small town. Our Lincoln heritage goes back a long way!

Want to take in a concert? This small town has annual grandstand concerts with well known country artists and a weekly summer concert series downtown. Our Jacksonville Symphony offers an annual concert season including patriotic and Christmas performances. Prefer the theater? We’ve really got you covered there, too! Whether you’re seeing a play, a comedian or a musical performance, our intimate venues are designed to encourage the connection between the audience an the performers on stage. No “obstructed views” here!

Prefer dressing up and going out on the town? Seasonal events offer that opportunity, from Masquerade Balls to Blue Jeans Balls to hat contests on Derby Day. Here in Jacksonville, you can put on your swimsuit and go to the lake or put on a different suit and go to a Gala. We have something for everyone, from fishing to football, from country to symphony, from Ferris Wheels to fireflies.

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