A Brand New Opportunity

I’m now officially a “blogger!” I will not, shall not tweet. I’m not going to give minute-by-minute updates on FB, but I’m taking on the challenge of the blog. Please join me as I journal about the joys and challenges of innkeeping. I’ve been an innkeeper for just over one year. Nope, not a turn-key… just bought the home and did it! It’s been very exciting – truly a dream come true!

However, there are some challenges…

For example:

I’ve decided that if I write a cookbook it should be titled, “How to Prepare a Four-Course Breakfast in 30 Minutes Flat: A Guide for the Innkeeper Who Likes to Sleep Until the Very Last Minute Possible.” I’m working on a lot of tips and tricks to serve fun, exciting, nutritional dishes that only look time intensive.

Please stay tuned…

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