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trees surround blue 2-story home with wraparound potch

And… We Have Snow!



Finally, happily, I can report that we’ve had a measurable snowfall this season! If you look closely, you may see some actual snowflakes in this picture! I love the way our home looks as it’s robed in white. It will be pretty tonight, too, with the lights on the flocked pine roping adorning the front porch. Our guests last night were a retired couple driving separate vehicles as they move from their long-time home in Michigan to their new home in Kansas. They’d watched the forecast and were confident that they’d drive out of the snow fairly soon. They were fine with the idea of getting snowed in at Blessings on State Bed & Breakfast!

Roxie has been here five times during the past couple of years, stopping to rest as she transports cherished items to their new home. She’s a funny, wise, and independent woman. I’ve loved getting to know her and hearing about the beloved town and restored older home she’s leaving behind. It’s been fun to keep up with her and interesting to follow the progress on their move. The snow didn’t cause any major problems for me, as I went out early to sweep the front porch and back deck, then went out with them to sweep off their car and truck. Yes, sweep. It’s a very light fluffy snow – the kind that blows and drifts, rather than the let’s-go-build-a-snowman kind. It’s been snowing and blowing all day, and I say, “Let it snow!”

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