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Answer These Five Questions and Get Back on Track with Your 2022 New Year’s Resolutions

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A quick Google search will show that an average of 80% of all Americans making New Year’s Resolutions fail to keep them – many quitting by February 1st. Why is that? What is holding you back from meeting your goals? Here are my top five questions to answer to help you keep pushing forward to keep your New Year’s resolutions.

1) Are You Setting Unreachable Goals?
Are you setting goals that are too challenging to be accomplished in one year? Goals that you cannot accomplish even if you dedicate all your time, resources and energy 24/7? Stop it! It’s great to set a couple of Mr. Maxwell’s “wildly important goals” or WIG’s, but you need to recognize that there are often many steps involved in meeting these goals over an extended period of time. As an innkeeper, I would love to replace the roof on Blessings on State Bed & Breakfast, repaint the exterior, repaint the interior, and re-upholster some furnishings this year. The budget required to complete even one of those tasks is daunting, so to set all as a goal for this year, other than a WIG, would be crazy, especially during a pandemic. Future planning is great, but we all need to take a dose of reality and stop setting unreachable goals and keep our New Year’s Resolutions.

2) Are You Setting Unrealistic Benchmarks?
Stop trying to do what you know doesn’t work! It doesn’t make sense to keep repeatingSmart Goals definition the exact same action expecting a different outcome. Last January, I determined that 2021 was my year to change my lifestyle and lose weight. I did not write down the whole amount that I need to lose, but a more realistic amount that lines up better with average weight loss standards. My bigger focus was on changing my very sedentary lifestyle. I could say that I need to lose 100 pounds, or I could say that I need to average 3 pounds per month, which is a much more realistic resolution for me in my life. Maybe I can re-paint one side of the house this year. We all need to recognize that we may stall or face setbacks. Don’t let those define you. Refine your resolutions to ensure your success and stop setting unrealistic benchmarks and keep your New Year’s Resolutions.

3) Is Anyone/Anything Holding You Accountable?
I lost 30 pounds last year using a little app on my phone for guidance and accountability. (I was too embarrassed about “how bad it was” to ask for help from Glenn or my friends.) The app I used is from a big company that’s been around for years, initials WW, and it worked for me! There are other apps that are effective for others, whether your resolutions are around being more organized, cooking healthier meals, being more physically active, or ten dozen other areas. I used the app to record the foods I ate, the steps I walked and the sleep I got each night. That mechanical accountability kept me motivated to move forward. Your accountability may include a spouse or friend, an app, keeping notes, etc. Just find what works for you and use it consistently to keep your New Year’s Resolutions.

Heart Healthy goals checklist4) Are You Finding the Right Motivation?
For me, losing weight with the motivation to fit into a bikini is not only unrealistic, but also just plain foolish! I have no interest whatsoever in fitting into a bikini, and very limited interest in fitting into a bathing suit. I do, however, have a strong interest in reducing the stress on my heart and spending more years of life with my family and friends. For the most part, our inn guests don’t see our roof. They might notice worn upholstery. My goal is to focus on the areas of greatest need to ensure that we continue to provide the highest level of guest satisfaction, so I need to take care of those areas, first. (I am making fabric decisions this week, finally. Who knew there’s a year-long wait for the upholstery shop!?) Make a list of the people and things that most effectively motivate you to meet your goals. “Star” the top three and enlist their help to push you forward to keep your New Year’s Resolutions.

5) Are You Focusing on Shortcomings or Celebrating the Small Wins?
Do you regularly review Your Progress? What is working well? What draws you off track? What can you change to better ensure success? My little phone app talked back and gave me rewards for meeting my goals. It enabled me to eat what I wanted to – in moderation – and still win. (I do so much better with goal rewards than with limits!)  Set up some kind of tracker to help you see exactly where you are in meeting the goals you’ve set for yourself, look past the setbacks and celebrate even your smallest steps forward as you keep your New Year’s Resolutions.

In conclusion, I recognize that two out of three people who make resolutions know they won’t keep them, and that’s one reason my resolution list is pretty small. I know I do better documenting my intentions rather than making firm resolutions. I must set resolutions that I believe I can accomplish, even if a couple of them are wild and crazy and probably won’t be met in the next five years. Put the past behind you. Leave those broken resolutions in the dust. Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows – better days ahead! Next week’s blog will detail more about how I met my 2021 weight loss goal to hopefully extend my life as an innkeeper, wife and mother, and what I’m resolved to do this year to continue that trend.

In the meantime, celebrate your success! Comment below to tell me what you’re doing to keep your New Year’s resolutions.

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