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7 Tips for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Getaway

Planning a romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day is a wonderful way to create lasting memories with your sweetheart. Here are seven tips to help you plan a special and romantic getaway!

Choose a Romantic Destination
Select a destination that both you and your sweetheart will find appealing. You could choose a cozy mountain cabin, a beachfront resort, a charming bed and breakfast (like Blessings on State!) or a romantic city like Paris or Venice.
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Plan Activities to Enjoy Together
Consider your sweetheart’s interests as you plan activities. Whether it’s a spa day, a hot air balloon ride, a scenic hike, or a cooking class, choose activities that will create shared experiences and deepen your connection.

Consider disconnecting from work and social media during your getaway. This gives you both the chance to focus on each other and fully enjoy the romantic experience.

Create Your Itinerary
Plan your days, but leave room for spontaneity. Having a loose itinerary ensures you make the most of your time together without feeling rushed to move from one activity to the next.

Plan Some Surprises Along the Way
Each of you should plan a surprise element during the getaway. (Shhh… that means it’s a secret!) It could be a private dinner on the beach, a hot tub under the stars, or a personalized gift waiting in your room. Surprises add an extra touch of romance to the getaway.
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Personal Touches
Add personalized details to your getaway, such as a handwritten love letter, a playlist of your favorite songs, or a surprise gift that shows you know your sweetheart well.

Fine Dining
Choose restaurants with intimate atmospheres and excellent cuisine. Make reservations in advance to ensure you get a table. Some places may even offer unique Valentine’s Day menus. If Chinese take-out in your pajamas is more your thing, pick it up or order delivery to your room.

Remember that the most essential aspects of a romantic getaway are spending quality time together and expressing your love for each other. Tailor the plans to suit your preferences as a couple and create an atmosphere that fosters romance and connection.

snow covered blue two story Victorian homeBlessings on State Bed & Breakfast is an award-winning all-suite bed and breakfast inn located in Jacksonville, Illinois. Hospitality is our hallmark. We offer many upscale amenities, including overnight accommodations in a 130-year-old vintage mansion, Wi-Fi, expansive lawn and gardens, all-season fireplaces, and multi-course breakfasts. Come see us!

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